Monday, January 28, 2013

Ike's 1st Piano Recital and Sabrina's 6th Birthday!

Isaac picked up playing the piano again in December. He really likes to play his own songs but is getting much better at reading the music. Grandma Huff started him on "Carol of the Bells" at Thanksgiving and by Christmas he had his own rendition. His first piano recital went very well and we were so proud of him. Sabrina is the big 6!! We celebrated with Isaac serving her breakfast in bed and we made her a Nya cake. For those who don't know who Nya is, she is one of the stars of the Ninjago Lego movies. With the left over cake we threw together a pink #6. She got a few gifts, and we called it a day. On the weekend we celebrated with Grandma and Grandpa Huff and the Wilson, and Hayward families. We all went ice skating and had a blast and then went to dinner and ended with cupcakes. It is amazing how fast Sabrina is growing up, and we love her to pieces!

Then came Winter...

It is funny how you get tired of doing certain things like putting up fruit or canning vegetables and you kind of hope for the season to be over so you can move on. Well, this winter we have been so blessed with snow, that I think I am ready to trade the snow, ice, and freezing rain for some fall leaves to rake and fruit to can right now. It is still January and I am so excited for Spring, Summer or Fall. With that being said we have had fun in the winter snow. The kids have been sledding a couple of times with Grandma and Grandpa Huff. We have done sledding at our own home, and have even tried out ice skating. The kids have build forts (thanks to Uncle Todd and Aunt Kara for the fort making kit), had snow ball fights and all of us have fallen once or twice on our front porch because of the slippery fun. We had fun at Ben's work party at Costco and took a picture with his boss the elf. We even saw Santa a few times. We were very blessed and grateful during the Christmas season and enjoyed seeing friends and family during that time.

Don't Forget Halloween

Since this blog is mostly about the kids and the activities we do, I didn't want to forget Halloween. Every year at the Elementary school they host a Halloween carnival, we try to support the school the only problem is they have the carnival on the 1st week of October, which means my kids choose a costume and then we have three more weeks of dress up and then they choose a new costume by the time Halloween comes along. Isaac's Lego costume at the Trunk or Treat was a huge hit. He designed it himself and had a great time showing everyone his work.

Awesome Grades and Super Citizenship

The first report card Isaac brought home this year was incredible. We were so proud of him not so much for his academics but for his citizenship grades. He got the best he has ever gotten so we took the family to Seven Peaks in Lehi and had some fun. They had a blast playing lazer tag, climbing the climbing wall and riding in some of the rides. We even took a try at miniature golf which was a lot of fun especially since we didn't keep score. Autumn's favorite ride was the "hopper", she rode it nearly 25 times and still wanted to ride more. Also added is Isaac's scout troop picture of their trip to the State Capital Building.

Fall Festivities 2012

We had a busy fall with Ike going into the 3rd grade, Sabrina starting Kindergarten and Autumn starting joy school. We attended the Brigham City Temple open house which was amazing. The kids really enjoyed it, especially the Celestial room, their eyes were as big as diamonds and the girls kept saying "we want to go back to the sparkly room". We attended our Regional conference at the conference center, which was an experience the kids thought it was cool when General Conference came a couple of weeks later and they could say they had been there. We also got a couple of new family pets. They were given to us by our neighbor's daughter and what seemed to be like a good idea turned out to be more of a hassle. We soon learned that rabbits can be difficult pets especially when both are males and they are not neutered. They came to us about 6 months of age, and we found it difficult to get them out to play with. When we were able to get them out, they would hop out of their playpen cage and we would chase them between our field and the neighbor's field and numerous times we were surprised they didn't get eaten by the neighbor's dogs. About Thanksgiving we were thankfully able to find a new home for our furry friends. The kids were a bit disappointed but were grateful to not have to feed them anymore especially when the snow started to come. The pictures of Tessa with the rabbits, whose names by the way were Rover Rabbit, and Honey Bunny were just too cute to pass up. Tessa kept climbing in the cage and we couldn't decide if she thought she was rabbit or just liked being caged up. Next pet we hope to get will be a dog :).

More Summer Fun

Here are some pictures of the kids at swimming lessons, a camping trip that Ben and Isaac went on to hike to the top of Deseret Peak, and pics of the kids being monkeys while watching the olympics.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Serious Updates....

Haven't blogged in a while, mainly due to the fact that my camera wouldn't upload pictures onto the computer. Something was and is still wrong with the USB cord on the camera or it is just the connection into the computer. However, Ben has taken lots of pictures from his phone so we found an app of some sort called "dropbox" so now all his phone pictures can be directly dropped into our computer. I love it, so hopefully I can do better in the next six months and keep up to date. Summer is obviously over as is the start of a new school year, Halloween and Christmas, but just to make sure I keep updated I will post about them all anyway. Summer came and went the kids took swim lessons. Ike and Sabrina took for 4 weeks and Autumn just for two weeks. They loved it and we are anxious to start them again this summer. We had the Erda Days parade, nothing like a small parade and lots of candy to make a kids day. They throw more candy at the Erda Parade then any other parade I've ever been too. We celebrated the 4th by going to the Big Provo parade with lots of cousins and Grandma and Grandpa Huff. Then we all went to Seven Peaks in Salt Lake and had a blast!! We grew a delicious garden, played in the water and looked at nice sunsets and Ben caught the sunrise on one particular beautiful morning. We made it to the new City Creek Center in Salt Lake and enjoyed a few hours just looking around at the new buildings, the fish and playing in the outdoor water fountains. Here are the pictures from Summer!!